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About this course

Imagine having the exact steps you need to successfully hit #1 on Amazon with every book that you self-publish regardless of genre. My system works with any type of book that you write: fiction, non-fiction, memoirs and children's books.

Becoming an Amazon bestselling author gives you the visibility, credibility and even the celebrity you need to sell more books and build your business.

If people see that your book is topping Amazon's bestselling charts, you will spark their curiosity and they will likely seek more information about you, your books, and anything else that you offer.

Hitting #1 on Amazon is not difficult to do if you know the right steps and understand which strategy to choose based on your specific situation. In other words, if you do not have a large email list or strong social media following, you will want to select certain strategies over others.

When I started publishing my books in 2005, I had no idea how to successfully hit #1 on Amazon. I saw my colleagues and friends hitting the bestseller charts and benefiting from the doors of opportunity that flew open for them (invitations to speak including TED Talks, leading workshops, Joint Venture partnerships, writing for major magazines and publications, Media interviews, teaching at Universities, and more). However, at that time, the steps for achieving this were a mystery to me.  

After years of trial and error, I figured it out. In fact, I identified four different ways to successfully hit #1 on Amazon again and again. Once I understood these steps, the doors of opportunity flew open for me too. I have shared these tactics with my author students and clients now for years and they too have achieved this special status. And, now… it’s YOUR TURN!

Watch the video on this page because regardless of the methods you use to hit #1, the things that I share in the video are relevant to all four strategies I teach in the mini-video course I created for you. The information I share in the video above is usually part of my paid program but now I’m giving it to you for free whether you sign up for my course or not.

After you watch the video, I invite you to sign up to learn exactly "How to Hit #1 on Amazon with every book that you Self-Publish." In this simple video course, I walk you through each strategy (and share my screen with you) to show you how to successfully hit #1 again and again.

I also explain what factors to consider when choosing the "right" strategy for you.

My intention is to make this information affordable so that you too can experience the joy of hitting Amazon’s bestseller list and benefiting from the wealth of opportunities that come from achieving this status.

Grab it now for this low introductory price. I've never offered this information in this way and the price will go up soon!



P.S. BONUS! Once you sign up, I will give you access to my private Author-to-Income Facebook group where you can ask me any questions you may have. This means that you have continued access to me. I am active in the group. I absolutely love celebrating my authors' success. Sign up for the course here and join me!

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