Getting featured on national (and local) television, and receiving media exposure in general, can greatly benefit your business. Media exposure is a powerful, free marketing tool that gives you instant credibility and visibility.

Most people think that they need to spend thousands of dollars on hiring a publicist to be featured in the media. Well, all you need to spend is $197.

In this training, I will reveal personal tricks and trademark secrets to show you exactly how to get featured in the media without spending a fortune.

You'll learn how to... 

  • Find media opportunities (it's easier than you think!) 

  • Locate TV producers & gain the sleuthing skills required to find their direct email addresses 

  • Write sizzling emails to capture the media's attention (email template included) 

  • Be ready BEFORE contacting the media 

  • Master the pre-interview so that it's easy for them to say "YES" to having you as a guest 

  • Deliver ON-AIR (tips to make the most of your 2 minutes of fame) 

  • Create a media domino effect... 

  • Perform your best so that you receive even more opportunities to get featured in the Media Spotlight!

In response to the training: 

"This training is super!" -- Doris Milton 

"So brilliant!" -- Mary Silver 

"I'm sad this training is over!" -- Jessica Jeneske 

"WONDERFUL TRAINING! Chock full of tips that are fully digestible!" -- Wanda Hatton 

"This was awesome, thanks!" - Nancy O'Keefe 

"WOWWWWWW!" - Jenny Moore

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