Can you imagine? We take the guesswork out of your book launch! 

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  • Tier 1

    This is perfect for the Author (that's you!) who is overwhelmed with the technology but recognizes the need to have a sales-generating book cover, a spectacular page layout, all uploaded correctly to sell, sell, sell on Amazon.

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  • Tier 2

    This is perfect for the Author (that's you!) who wants to successfully launch (or relaunch) your book and needs to drive sales with a high-converting Sales Page and email automation sequence.

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  • Tier 3

    The complete "Do it For Me" package is perfect for the busy Author who doesn't have the time or desire to learn the technology, but wants results.

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Author Divine Grace Buszka

A Little Bit of Grace

#1 Bestselling Author

Lissa Wheeler

#1 Bestselling Author

I am speechless - a bit in shock. You really made this happen. I am forever grateful for your care and persistence.” — Lissa Wheeler, author of Engaging Resilience. Lissa signed up for the Book Launch Done-for-You Program (Tier 3). Her message is in response to her printed book becoming a #1 Amazon bestseller (and #1 New Release) on the date of her launch.

Rose Phillips

After having taken Tamara's Author-to-Income class, I felt confident I was ready to publish with success. What I wasn't prepared for was that my author would be hospitalized with possibly a week to live. After an anxiety attack, I thought about Tamara's "Done-for-You" packages. No one can possibly imagine what a professional, productive, caring team swung into action. They took the project and deadline to task (working weekends) to have the Kindle book Delta Ridge ready to upload for my precious friend to see and touch on screen. The team worked tirelessly to make changes to a rushed manuscript with patience and encouragement. I cannot praise Tamara and her Done-for-You highly enough. My printed version arrived today: beautifully done in record time. A huge thank-you!